In Sofia’s Kitchen begins with the love of family and friends sitting around the dinner table. It is a place where everyone is welcome and included in discovering how to do life together. It is a place where we live connected.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for authentic connection through pop up dinners, cooking workshops, meal service, writing of books, active food adventures and anything else we can think of!

Our Vision

To see people embracing a Mediterranean lifestyle through food, travel and staying active.

Sophie Stokes,
Creator of ‘In Sofia’s Kitchen’

In Sofia’s Kitchen is where the heart is for Sophie. With her husband Greg, they raised their three daughters around the ideals of a Mediterranean lifestyle - good and nutritious food, travelling around Europe and staying active through sport and the love of swimming.

Sophie's heritage is Greek/Italian and grew up eating lots of pasta, Greek salad and enjoying their yearly ritual of Greek Easter. This has enabled her to appreciate the diversity and expressions of other cultures.

Travelling around Europe is a love of Sophie's and is excited to be taking her first group to Crete this coming September.

Sophie also writes culturally relevant children's books  for developing countries and for all kids. These books are illustrated to represent the corresponding culture, celebrating diversity and differences and are subtitled in the local language.