Seasonal Food: Fresh is Best!

Has anyone else noticed how expensive it is to purchase ingredients from our giant supermarkets?

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Choosing What to Cook Each Day!

Every day I am caught up in trying to decide what to cook for dinner! Anyone out there find themselves in the same predicament?

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CULTURAL FEASTS: An Occasion for Baklava!

What I love about the Mediterranean Diet is that it is a very balanced diet. It’s not extreme in any way and all ingredients are easily accessed and reasonably priced, not to mention nutritious and delicious!

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Passionate about Pasta!

Well, we are coming up to that week where lovers all over the world go crazy sending flowers to their loved ones!

But in this household, we celebrate with food!! I am crazy about my hubby and equally crazy for pasta – seriously, give me pasta morning, noon and night and I am your gal!

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What a day!

As you may recall, for those of you who have been following me, we had our very first book launch just gone by. There was so much anticipation, so much preparation and lots of butterflies fluttering about in my tummy!

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MASTERCLASS: Homemade Lamb & Mint Pies

You may remember a few weeks ago, I ventured into unknown territory and made puff pastry. It was an eye-opener to how time-consuming it is but the outcome was well worth it. Not to mention how scrumptious the beef, fennel & fig sausage rolls were! I was clever enough to make a large portion and therefore froze a batch of puff pastry for another time. Today was that other time! Lamb & mint pies were on the agenda and I could not wait to get my teeth into this prize!

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Sophie Stokes
Destination: Melbourne City

Let me be honest with you - I would give anything for a holiday travelling around Europe exploring the many diverse flavours it has to offer, the history each country has been built on and the cultures that define each group of people, but right now I have too much going on in my own backyard to even consider such a thing! So what does a Greek Aussie who loves discovering new flavours, new places and new connections go? Melbourne of course!

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A Tasty Childhood: Cooking with Kids

I’ve heard people say that there are two groups you don’t want to work with – kids and animals – because they are so unpredictable! Well, that’s kind of true – they can be unpredictable but that’s what I love about working with kids – they are full of wonderful surprises and there is always a good belly laugh waiting to be had!

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Country Baking: Beef, Fennel & Fig Sausage Rolls

On our way to Greece - our aunty seeing us off - mum is on the far left, dad is on the far right and kids in between!

Growing up eating a Mediterranean diet, I always loved pouring olive oil on my bread and eating it by the buckets load. I suppose for those growing up eating an Aussie diet, butter was the equivalent to our olive oil.

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Seasonal Wholefoods: Seasons come, seasons go, and funny enough, they come back again!
Destinations: Nadi Fresh Food Markets, Fiji
Destinations: A European Field Trip!