In Sofia's Kitchen: Meal Service

Ready to Heat/Bake/Eat Meals for the Family!

Haven't time to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal for yourself or your family?  Tempted to pick up some take-away food that you know is not the best choice for your health or the health of your family?

The occasional take-away is understandable but as an overall practice, home cooked meals are always the best cooked meals when prepared using the freshest of ingredients and not adding any ingredients that have been genetically modified etc...

Let me take the stress out of your evening meals with the family and present to you my menu of meals you can order and purchase. You have the choice of free pick up from Fern Bay or delivered for an extra cost.

Or maybe you are having some friends around and don't have time to cook - I can prepare all that you need, deliver to you and all you have to do is heat it through - so easy!



Pastitsio (Pasta Bake) - Ready to Bake -  $45 for one tray or two small trays                                     (Serves 4 - 6)

Vegetarian Moussaka (Potato & Eggplant) - Ready to Bake - $40 for one tray or two small trays (Serves 4-6)

Creamy Chicken Pasta - Ready to Eat - $45 for one tray or two small trays                                      (Serves 4-6)

Crumbed Chicken fillet or Chicken thighs with lemon potatoes - Ready to Eat -  $45 for one tray or two small trays  (Serves 4-6)

Marinated Lamb Souvlaki with a side of Greek Village Salad - Ready to bbq or bake - $45 (Serves 4-6) 

Turkish Rice with marinated chicken fillet pieces - Ready to Eat - $45 for one tray or two small trays (Serves 4 - 6)

Spinach, Leek & Feta Triangles - Ready to Bake - 10 pieces min. - $35

Lamb Meatballs or Falafel - Ready to Eat - 15 pieces min. - $35

Tzatziki or beetroot dip - Ready to Serve - $12 (Serves 4-6)

Red Cabbage, Carrot & Pine Nut Salad - Ready to Eat - $35 per tray (serves 4-6)

Greek Village Salad - Ready to Eat -  $35 per tray (serves 4-6)

Gluten Free or Dairy Free Options Available - add $5 extra per dish




Baklava - per tray - min. 30 pieces - $55.00

Kourambiedes (Shortbread) - min. 20 pieces - $40.00

Amigthalota (Almond Mini Bites-gluten free) - min. 20 pieces - $40.00

Melomakarona (Honey Cookies) - min. 20 pieces - $40.00

Galaktobureko (Custard Mini Pies) - min. 12 pies - $42.00

Citrus & Nut Cake with Cream Cheese (gluten free) - 8" round - $35.00

Persian Love Cake (gluten free) - 8" round - $35.00

Chocolate Beetroot Cake with ganache - 8" round - $35.00

Raw Desserts - 8" round - $50.00 (topped with fresh fruit an additional $5)



Order over $250 worth of meals and I will include a container of dip such as tzatziki or beetroot dip* or a serve of Greek Sweets at no extra charge.

*choice of dip/Greek Sweets subject to availability at the time of ordering.


Delivery Prices:

Newcastle City - $20

Lake Macquarie City & Maitland - $30

Port Stephens - $25

(Free pick up from Fern Bay)

Terms & Conditions
All orders must be paid for 72 hours before delivery/pick up
Orders cannot be cancelled once they are fully paid