My Big Fat Mediterranean Feast

You've probably seen the movie, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', and you'll know when we say 'feast' we mean 'maybe skip a meal today because we will be serving up lots of food this evening!

We invite you to come join us around our table and feast on deliciously good and lovingly made food! It doesn't matter if you come on your own because by the end of the night, you would have made a whole lot more new friends!

We understand there are many dietary requirements out there and we don't want anyone missing out!  So we have created three menus that will be available on different occasions (not all on one night!) and so I encourage you to gather your friends and come to the night that best suits your needs. If you have a group totalling to 12, I can specifically cater to your needs - just give me a call on 0438143314 and we are set!

Cost per person: $85.00 BYO your own wine, soft drinks or whatever takes your fancy!

Here's what to expect on one of our feast nights:


Menu One - Regular

Mezedes - cheese & olives

Leek & Feta Triangles

Lamb Souvlaki

Vegetarian Moussaka

Cabbage Rolls with lemon sauce

Greek Village Salad with Dodoni feta

Red Cabbage, Carrot & Cranberry Salad

Galaktobureko Parcels


Menu Two - Gluten Free

Mezedes - cheese & olives

Feta & Potato Polpettes

Chicken Souvlaki

Lamb Patties with baked chips topped in a tomato sauce

Turkish Rice with gluten free chorizo

Greek Village Salad with Dodoni feta

Red Cabbage, Carrot & Cranberry Salad

Persian Love Cake 


Menu Three - Vegan

Mezedes - olives & dolmades

Falafel coated in dukkah

Spinach & Leek Triangles with cashew cream

Vegan Moussaka

Turkish Rice

Greek Village Salad (no feta)

Red Cabbage, Carrot & Cranberry Salad

Baklava Rolls