Foodie Retreats

Love to cook but never have enough time to really enjoy it? Want to discover new recipes but too many other distractions? A short getaway is all you can do?

Come join us on our short foodie getaways where we will cook together, discover new recipes, connect with locals who make food from scratch and you’ll be refreshed in a short time!

Port Stephens (May)

Without a doubt, one of the most pristine waterways on the east coast of Australia, this relatively untouched piece of paradise is filled with fabulous eateries, long easy walks and an array of beaches to choose from.

We are planning a weekend getaway in the beautiful Port Stephens for you! I hope you can join us!

Hunter Valley (August)

Imagine being surrounded by beautiful hills in the distance…meandering through the paddocks and taking your time whipping up a few amazing dishes to then be able to sit down and enjoy them, one bite at a time without the pressure of time…

How does the Hunter Valley sound to you?

We are planning a weekend getaway at the Hunter Valley for all foodies or would be foodies. Bed & Breakfast accommodation, time to wander around the Hunter Valley centre, tasting of cheese and wine and a cooking workshop with likeminded people where you get to gather around the table and share your creations.

Come join us on our short foodie getaways where we will cook together!