Joint Ventures


We believe in doing business with people who believe what we believe!

We believe creating joint ventures is much more fun so we have joined with Clarence River Bed & Breakfast to run monthly cooking workshops from their venue.

A 5-star resort on the Clarence River, it certainly is a place where you can come and catch your breath. Greg and Terry have created a beautiful oasis for those 15 years and older. The craftsmanship that has gone into the timber work, gardens, interiors and so much more is something to be very proud of. We are ecstatic to be joining Clarence River Bed & Breakfast and look forward to having you come stay.

Dates for cooking workshops at Clarence River B&B in 2019

8 – 10 February; 22 – 24 March; 5 – 7 April; 18 – 20 May; 28 – 30 June; 26 – 28 July; 16 – 18 August; 18 – 20 October; 8 – 10 November

We’ve also joined forces with Mission Travel to deliver the best rustic food tours in the Mediterranean!

Mission Travel is all about empowering others to make a difference in their world and in the world beyond. We are excited to be partnering with Mission Travel and here’s to a long, exciting journey together!

Dates for Global Food Adventures in 2019

2 – 8 September 2019 (Crete, Greece);