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Born into a Greek family, Sophie grew up surrounded by family and close family friends who loved to cook and practice hospitality. Her cooking experience began as a young seven year old creating cakes and Greek sweets for those special occasions. Today she continues to busy herself in the kitchen expanding her knowledge about food cooked in a variety of cultures and travelling as often as she can to get first hand experience.


Sophie released her first cookbook “In Sofia’s Kitchen: Mediterranean Flavours Down Under” on the 26th November 2016 and she currently has future plans to release a kids cookbook sometime in the near future.


Sophie has also released a number of culturally relevant resources for developing countries. After being approached by a number of teachers in Fiji and asked to help them learn how to deliver a children’s program, Sophie rolled up her sleeves and committed to creating three manual books for teachers in the local schools in Fiji. These books have also been distributed to China, Africa, India, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Cambodia, Cyprus, Thailand and South Korea.

Her children’s books, illustrated to correspond with the country the book is written for, have been a great success capturing the imagination and heart of the children in those countries. The books are written in English with subtitles of the corresponding countries. Kula Chakula is Hungry is written for the children of Tanzania, Sokha Goes to School is written for the children of Cambodia and A Visit to the King’s Garden is written for all cultures but subtitled in Greek.

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