The Heat is on In Sofia’s Kitchen!

The Heat is on In Sofia’s Kitchen!

It’s been a busy few days cooking up a storm of delights to be found in my soon to be released cookbook.
The wonderful Amelia from Amelia Grose Photography has been working equally as hard to capture the heart of cooking In Sofia’s Kitchen.

When we first set out planning for this fun adventure, we both felt a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the work that awaited us but I am happy to say, we have been smashing out 12 recipes a day – with time to spare!

It’s really all in the preparation the day before. Getting the sauces prepare, making up the dough and putting in the filling and then freezing scrolls for easy cutting, has made a whole world of difference.

But the good news is that I am learning something new everyday. I have been watching Amelia working her magic, moving this and moving that just to get the right look. We have a few select pieces of crockery and two different backgrounds that have given us the look we were going after – rustic country with a modern twist! That’s a mouth full, but it does represent me, therefore it helps you get a clearer picture of who I am.

We still have quite a few recipes to get through, but we are feeling confident and relaxed knowing that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve!

This soon to be released cookbook will be available for your purchase mid-November 2016, just in time for that perfect Christmas present! In the meantime make sure you “like” my Facebook page to preview the up and coming recipes!

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