Destination: Melbourne City

Destination: Melbourne City

Let me be honest with you – I would give anything for a holiday travelling around Europe exploring the many diverse flavours it has to offer, the history each country has been built on and the cultures that define each group of people, but right now I have too much going on in my own backyard to even consider such a thing!
So what does a Greek Aussie who loves discovering new flavours, new places and new connections go? Melbourne of course!

My parents migrated nearly 60 years ago from Greece to Australia, but unlike many Greeks, they chose to settle in Sydney and not Melbourne. I cannot lie, I love the warmer weather of the east coast of New South Wales and well, Melbourne weather is just too cold for my liking!

What I do love about Melbourne is the vibrancy of this great city. I love hearing people walking by talking in an array of languages, the amazing aromas wafting out of the many cafes on the sidewalks and I was overwhelmed this week with the courtesy of so many people who would give up their seat on the trams for me as I had my little grandie in her pram!

I wondered what it would be like for my little granddaughter with the busyness of a city and would she become overwhelmed by it all – but I am happy to report this little bundle of cuteness took it in her stride and charmed anyone that took a few minutes to have a little chat with her.

I love that about children – there is no discrimination, everyone gets a smile no matter what colour you are, what language you speak or how old you may be. Children are the best celebrators of diversity and so is food – food has a way of pulling down walls and getting people talking with each other.

I met a lovely family in a cafe today. They were from the war torn country of Iraq. They were the friendliest and warmest people and after chatting a little about our backgrounds we all agreed that Australia is a country that has helped our families flourish in so many ways. But the one thing that we really connected over was food! We talked about the many foods of our culture and the similarities and how the family table is a place of belonging for all.

And that is what insofiaskitchen loves – a table that never runs out of places to sit, an ever expanding table where all are welcome and the food is always plentiful!

So I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to my up and coming cookbook launch for, In Sofia’s Kitchen: Mediterranean Flavours Down Under, taking place November 26th, 2016. To find out more of the details and register for your (free) ticket, click HERE.

I look forward to seeing you!