What a day!

What a day!

As you may recall, for those of you who have been following me, we had our very first book launch just gone by. There was so much anticipation, so much preparation and lots of butterflies fluttering about in my tummy!

Well, I didn’t know what to expect but I was expecting, or hoping, it would go off without a hitch! Thanks to my fabulous Marketing Manager, Admin team, Kitchen team and photographer for the day, we had the best day ever!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like living the dream you have had so quietly tucked away in your heart for so long?

I remember at around the age of 13, all I wanted to do was work in a cake shop. On shopping days with my mum, I could not help but be drawn in by the sweet delicate aromas that wafted out of the shop front and into the busyness of a shopping centre. There were custard tarts, lamingtons, cream filled buns and finger buns that were still warm. It was the era where cream was real, custard was authentic and lamingtons were a kids best friend!

Nearly every weekend, my dad would take the family on a fishing outing to either Manly or Bradley’s Head in Sydney harbour. As we were a ‘no car’ family, we would look forward to hopping on the train into Circular Quay and then on a ferry to our chosen destination.

Circular Quay was always a hive of activity; people busking on every street corner, drunks sleeping on the pavement and families working hard behind the counters of those iconic eatery kiosks found at the entrance of each wharf.

I still remember it to this day – running to the shop front window and begging my dad to buy me a cupcake with pink icing. It was quite a plain sponge cupcake but it was my favourite and one I looked forward to each time.

But as my blog page states, “Food creates memories and memories with family and friends are priceless!”

I remember one priceless moment when I was dating my husband. Some of you may remember an earlier post where I talked about visiting my husband-to-be’s family and how the way they prepared food was very foreign to me. Well, this time Greg was on the receiving end and my mum had prepared our most favourite soup, Avgolemono – Greek Egg & Lemon soup.

We had all gathered around the dining table and eagerly watching on as my mum scooped ladlefuls of steaming hot soup into our bowls. There was no waiting, as soon as we received our portion, we would dive in and satisfy our rumbling tummies. We were all so busy enjoying our soup that we failed to notice Greg had put his spoon down and sat looking very sheepish.

“I am sorry but I can’t eat this,” he informed us.

“Why?”, I quizzed him forgetting he came from a very different culture to mine and obviously strong flavours were not his experience.

“It’s just too lemony.”

And to cut a long story short, I handed him the bread and chicken and suggested he fill himself up with that!

Today, I am happy to report, not only does this man love to eat Greek Egg and Lemon Soup but when we were first married, this is one of the dishes he learnt to cook knowing it would be the only one that would satisfy me when feeling unwell. What a man!

So, back to my very first book launch.

Have you ever been part of something and you have felt heaven is smiling down on you? That’s exactly how I felt. It was a brilliant day – surrounded by family, friends and even strangers – the food was on point, the books were on point, the conversations were fabulous and at the end of the day, I was fully satisfied and content that we had just created some beautiful memories we can take with us in the years to come.

Isn’t that what connecting with each other is about? Enjoying each other’s company, cheering each other on and realising we all have value and we all have a purpose on this earth?

Whatever it is that makes your heart flutter, whatever dream you have had hidden – let go of fear and dive head first into all that you desire and long for…and remember, surround yourself with people that will empower you, inspire you and cheer for you all the way to the finish line!