Hello to you!

Hello to you!

I wanted to share with you personally what’s happening over the next little while with In Sofia’s Kitchen!

You’ve probably seen quite a bit of this on social media but hey I am a personal kind of gal and wanted to make sure you are seeing it and hearing it – from me at least!

I am so excited to be bringing you these events over the next few months.

As many of you may already know there are a few things I am passionate about – the main being food, travel and culture. I love to cook, I love to show others how to cook and I love to sit around the table eating fabulous food with others. I also love to travel and discover the world around me.

Travelling back to Greece

I remember when I first set off to Greece as a young mum with three young daughters in tow. My husband Greg was not able to get away from work so I had to go alone – no problem! At the time my three girls were six, four and two.

We had gone on many day trips before – hopping on the train in Woy Woy and heading down to Manly or Sydney City was easy – how hard could it be to travel with three little girls?

Lol! It’s good to be naive. I had no idea what it would be like sitting in a plane with my girls – one vomiting the whole way from Singapore to Athens and the youngest crying and looking towards the back of the plane asking for daddy. I am happy to report the middle one rose to the occasion and was ready for an adventure – she is still the same today.

But the thing I remembered the most about arriving in Athens and setting my eyes on this part of the world – everything looked so old and run down. I had been to Greece before as a seven year old, but I suppose I didn’t take a lot of note back then about the state of the buildings – I think I was in culture shock at that time – this time though I really noticed the difference between Australia and Greece.

Today, as I travel around Greece, I love the old buildings, I love how there is so much history attached to it, I love how walking through Monastiraki or Plaka I consider how others, centuries ago, walked these very pathways and have stories to tell.

Creating Memories

That’s what is so wonderful about travelling – we create memories and we create stories. Stories we can share with our loves ones, stories we can document and put in a book form.

While travelling through Greece this past September, I was well aware of the memories and stories I was creating as I took part in life on this side of the world.

For me, having ancestors that have gone before me in Greece and neighbouring countries, it is an honour to go back and consider what pathways they have cleared for me to walk on today.

I think of my paternal grandfather whose life was cut short because of the political persuasion he upheld – was it worth it? Was it worth losing your life over? And then I think of my maternal grandmother who lived in an era where women were subservient to men and what battles did she fight for my equality today?

What about you? What memories or pathways are you creating for your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to walk on in the future?

One thing for sure is I want my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…in fact .. the generations to come to know that although we all have different ways of doing things, we all have a different way of understanding things, I want them to know the freedom and peace I have known throughout my life. I want them to know the goodness and kindness I have experienced in my life. I want them to be inclusive and hospitable to all those that cross their paths.

I love that about my Greek culture, everywhere we travelled to we were welcomed with open arms and made to feel we belonged.

So I invite you, come with us next year to Crete. We are setting aside 8 days to travel around the west end of Crete and enjoy the real Greece. We will be participating in cooking workshops, visiting family run tavernas, discovering about the history of Crete and experiencing the local culture from everyday Greeks.

Want to find out more?

If you would like more information about our Active Food Adventure to Crete in September 2018, we’d love to connect with you and share with you our detailed and unique, one of a kind itinerary.

You can send us an email – insofiaskitchen@gmail.com or checkout our website – www.insofiaskitchen.com.au and let us know how we can help you make this dream become real for you! I look forward to you joining us on this journey.