Every Attempt is a Success!

Every Attempt is a Success!

I’ve been baking madly this week as I have the food and wine expo coming up this weekend.

When I first said yes to this venture, I was thinking, “sure, why not, that will be fun!’ What I didn’t realise was the hours and hours of baking required and in the middle of it, our old oven was on the blink and I would have to purchase a new one and somehow fumble my way through getting used to operating it.

There are some days when I bake and I am that little girl again at the age of seven baking away in my mother’s kitchen, enjoying every step of it until it comes to the final outcome and my cake doesn’t turn out how I planned. I scan the recipe looking for hints as to where I may have gone wrong and start again from scratch and attempt to get it how I want it.

When I heard someone say every attempt is a success I realised that even though I felt like a failure because my first attempt didn’t work, each time I did have a go meant I was getting closer to the success I was looking for.

I was making a Greek cake called Revani. It is a semolina-based cake with syrup poured on top after it’s baked. I have made it before but I had never made Revani mini cakes. Something was going wrong each time and I was getting frustrated with each attempt.

At this point I could have given up and let it go but that stubborn streak within me wouldn’t allow me. Nope, off to the supermarket I went to get my third lot of ingredients and back into the kitchen to try this little sucker of a recipe once more.

We all have learning opportunities in our lives – do you agree? Some people call them failures but I prefer to look at it as a learning opportunity.

Well I was certainly having a learning opportunity and as I kept at it! I didn’t give up and attempted these mini cakes for the third time and finally or as I can hear my mother saying in Greek – epitelos – I am happy to say, I succeeded!

Honestly, I think about life and how at times just because we don’t get the outcome we are looking for, we give up and never fulfil a dream or hope we may have had. I am sure guilty of this at various times in my life.

I wanted to encourage you to not give up. Keep persevering; keep making that recipe over and over and over again. Whatever it is that you have in your heart, go for it and remember every attempt you make is success and is getting you that much closer to your victory!

For all those living in the Hunter Region, I will be at the Newcastle Food and Wine Expo at the Entertainment Centre from Friday 25th August until Sunday 27th August and hope to see your lovely faces there! Details can be found on www.foodandwineexpo.com.au and grab your tickets too!