Baking: Greek Sweets for anytime of the year!

Baking: Greek Sweets for anytime of the year!

We grew up not really celebrating Christmas in a big way – well I don’t remember it being a big deal put it that way. Easter is our big celebration for the year so that is more prominent in my memory. But one thing that did stand out over the Christmas season was the abundance of Greek Sweets my mum would cook and always have on hand in case someone dropped by.

The traditional Greek sweets served at Christmas is Kourambiedes (Shortbread with icing sugar sifted on top) and Melomakarona (Honey Cookies lightly soaked in syrup). The aromas of spiced-filled cookies that filled our home was unforgettable and to this day, I love the aroma of these cookies wafting through my kitchen and the response of my family when they arrive home and want to know what I’ve been cooking – if they haven’t guessed already!

Today, I usually cook these cookies during Easter celebrations (yes breaking with tradition I know!!) but let’s face it, it’s too hot to be baking in the middle of summer and autumn is so much more fun in the kitchen!

As I am off to the Tamworth Growers Market this weekend, I thought I’d treat Tamworth locals to a little Greek love through a sweet delight and hopefully they will enjoy what they taste!

It’s been a few months since I made Kourambiedes, since Greek Easter actually but you never lose your touch and the dough was beautifully soft and buttery – my only problem is my oven at the moment!

Don’t you hate that when you know your oven is on the way out but you still need to bake and you stand there pressing against the door as it won’t shut properly and also keep an eye on the time as you know the goodies towards the back of the oven will be browning a lot faster than the ones in the front?

Sure there are worse things in life but when you are baking for others, it’s a little stressful not knowing how your cakes or biscuits are going to come through! But the good news is we have been looking at purchasing a new oven and we are in the process of getting some prices of a pretty awesome freestanding oven.

I said to my husband today as I pulled out the kourambiedes and they weren’t totally how I would like them to look – well let’s say they were very rustic looking but smelt amazing and with a drizzle of ouzo and a sprinkle of pure icing sugar, people we are in business!! But back to what I was leading intob… I said to hubby, once we get rid of this old oven the truth will come out… was it the oven or was it my cooking?

Hopefully my cooking will look a little less rustic shortly but one thing for sure, the taste is still there and in the end, that’s what really counts!

So whatever you are doing this weekend, these Kourambiedes will go beautifully with a cuppa and even better if you share your creations with family and friends. Happy (nearly there) weekend everyone!

By the way, the recipe for these goodies are in the book and if you don’t have the book yet, order it on line today and enjoy not only sweets but also some mezedes and main meals too!